We now use our own tracking system which sends you email notification. However, you can still use Canada Post as shown below.

Below is information on how our tracking works. Many questions are being asked daily and we hope the information below answers all your concerns.

Step 1:

We send you tracking by email once preparing is completed, while it might say label created not yet in system or Duplicate, item is already being handled. Canada Post only updates every 24/48H. Please allow a few days for it to show up “Waiting for item” as shown below.

This part is why we only use estimates, there is no date until next update, which unfortunately happens randomly.

Step 2:

If you have signed up for notifications you’ll receive a date or movement on the package as shown below.

Step 3:

Once your item is delivered (as guaranteed) it will show as below.

Important current notes:

Covid19 is causing delays, from there being less cargo planes to your state having issues. Be patient, we guarantee delivery on every single order. Estimates are based on current deliveries which could change without notice.

We strive to serve our customers above and beyond within our means.